Fun group activities to do around the Summit at Snoqualmie

Laconia Market

Laconia Market opened in 2022 and is a great cafe to eat delicious food and relax at Snoqualmie Pass. It is also a market where you can get fresh produce, get grab-and-go items, delicious coffee, and a selection of beer and wine. Whether you’re in a hurry or looking to unwind, Laconia Market is the perfect spot to grab a quick bite or enjoy a leisurely break.

Bybee Farms Blueberry Farm

Bybee Farms Blueberry Farm in North Bend is a u-pick blueberry farm. They currently have 6 varieties of blueberries to pick. You can view the map here to find out which variety or varieties you want to pick. To note: the small and darker the berry is, the higher the amount of antioxidants they have.

Blueberry varieties:

  • Stanley⎯They are medium size, blue, flavorful, firm, and flavorful.
  • Dixi⎯They are medium size, blue, firm, and savory.
  • Pemberton⎯They are large, dark blue, firm, and have a little fragrance. 
  • Jersey⎯They are medium to large and are known for their productive and loose fruit cluster.
  • Blue Ray⎯They are very large, light blue, firm, and flavorful.
  • Blue Crop⎯They are large, very light blue, firm, a little aromatic.

Remlinger Farms

Remlinger Farms is a 350-acre farm in Carnation. Remlinger has u-pick strawberries in June, raspberries in July/early August, and pumpkins in mid-September/October. They have many other activities for everyone from a fun park, to a market, and a brewery!

Oxbow Farm and Conservation Center

Oxbow Farm and Conservation Center is located in Carnation on 240 acres of forest and farmland bordering the Snoqualmie River. “Oxbow researches and practices habitat restoration, monitors the ecological impacts of land use and restoration, applies regenerative farming methods, grows food and native plants, and educates people of all ages about agriculture and the environment.” Learn more about their mission here. They also have a u-pick, farm stand, and events!

Blueberry Glenn

Experience the beauty and charm of Blueberry Glenn, delighting blueberry lovers since the 1940s! There are 11 heirloom varieties that ripen from mid-July through early September. There’s more to discover at Blueberry Glenn! In August, they have a u-cut sunflower garden⎯perfect for creating stunning bouquets. You might even catch a glimpse of deer, birds, or other creatures as you pick your own blueberries.

Railroad Park & Centennial Log Pavilion

Looking for a park and picnic day? Check out Railroad Park and Centennial Log Pavilion. This 4-acre park is located in the heart of Historic Snoqualmie and is by the Historic District shops and restaurants, Historic Snoqualmie Depot, and the Northwest Railway Museum. A beautiful tree-lined walking path connects the pavilion and gazebo.